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Of course Hinata comes in second, and Sakura and Ino are both tied at useless. I don't know if posting links is allowed. Ino and Shizune will most likely be dead as Sakura has her Strength of a Hundred to keep her grounded. Orihika Considering that Shizune and Ino hasn't even been shown in the anime to use chakra enhanced strength, no they don't use it. Temari will not be able to make the required five hand signs to perform said jutsu before a poink blank Sakura enhanced punch collides with her jaw. Idk maybe Sakura can't dodge Temari's attacks. Now, she isn't going to be beneficial for offensive purposes.

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Team Hinata has the ability to win from long range, by using Temari and Ten Ten casting jutsu from long range with Hinata keeping targets at bay. They not only are quite nimble, but would never give Tenten the chance, also what about her teammates? I'm not hyping her for anything. Rachin removed this reply because: Has nothing to do with the topic , March 8,

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A special jutsu was used for stripping our poor damsels. TenTen would most likely win. Again, this is a derived version of Flicker, it has all the abilities Flicker has, just adds a piece of wood as a replacement.

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So, while they are throwing stuff at each other and at Hinata and Tenten , Hinata has a good opportunity to get in close to Tenten and nail her. Perhaps the best there is. Tenten stuff Sakura's mouth so completely that she could not shut it. TenTen-because she could at least take on Sakura and Ino with her jutsu.

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Start a Wiki. She also is able to make quick decisions in the most critical moments that could mean victory or failure. Temari's team is too balanced to be taken down easily while Shizune is crap for a jonin, Ino is just a supporter with really nothing that will change the game. Vladosaurus wrote: Not sure how that would hurt Sakura even the slightest considering her healing. Hinata-She is the only one with an effective offense and defense. And that's where Temari comes in. Temari: Every ways were all useless. Honestly, they were in all the same.

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Image size. Sakura has way more feats, in what way. Edited by JamesDuh , March 12,

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She hasn't missed a single target and it has shown to be almost instant. All of them is very strong, thick, and tough. Tenten seemed to be the most powerful kunoichi Genin in the leaf. She has fought against high tier Shinobi evenly, Akatsuki members, Shin who could fight evenly with godly Naruto and Sasuke, and etc.

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