Sakura hinata ino tenten temari.

I don't know if posting links is allowed. If Hinata can hit all points in Sakura's arm before she can release the built up Chakra, she just might be able to stop the deadly Haruno's strength. Ino only knows a basic earth wall technique and that will not help her. We assume due to their similar capabilities. The sensei all looked at Kakashi for confirmation, and when he nodded his head they let out noises of confusion. There's no point. She also is able to make quick decisions in the most critical moments that could mean victory or failure. I've never been one to put in effort, but he makes me want to. Honestly, they were in all the same.

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Sakura has a strength of a Hundred and will have way more reserves than Temari. Tenten can only solo Ino and Shizune if they stood still. And Sakura's insane strength and healing can't be ignored.

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Perhaps Naruto saved her before, and that triggered her crush on him. Substitution and it's description, source is this very wiki. A special jutsu was used for stripping our poor damsels.

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Sasuke's was maybe the size of a pie, and Naruto's barely made a hole the size of mochi. That doesn't work. But it's what she has that makes her deadly.

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There's no point. Since we all feel left out, and a tug on our past, we'll meet together to find out what the tug is. Those trees he hid behind would have be shredded along with him. Featured in collections. Hinata can shut down Ino's chakra points and it'll be 2v3. That statement got a smile out of him, and he excused himself to go get a drink. How did you like it? Sai was a very intelligent person, and he noticed her look over at Naruto. But the rest of it sucked.

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In fact Ino would probably use Temari to kill all other in her team and than bring her close to sakura for one monster punch. Surely you are. Inf act, the techniques description even states you can flee a battle field with the ability, so uhh, no Sakura can use it to close the gap. They wished Mirai a happy birthday, and she jumped into his arms.

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You go do that, and when you feel better you may come and finish your youthful laps!! This is just my own honest opinion, though. Sakura and Shizune will not let Hinata get close to Ino.

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